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Jul 15 2014, 10:44
We realize that people with dyslexia are very creative and open minded. Although you might occasionally encounter troubles and obstacles in real life, you create your own strategies to overcome them.

We would like to ask you to share your life stories with us. Share with us and other dyslexics which obstacles you encountered in your life, which problems you were able to solve and which you simply could not. Tell us what your passions are and what you like to do.

We believe that your stories can be encouraging and comforting for others who might struggle with similar problems.

You can use any tool or medium to present your life story as long as you can share it in this forum, like for example through a web-link to a video or slideshow.
You can also use the tools provided in the Creative Corner, like for example Prezi, Tiki-Toki or PopcornMaker.

I am looking forward to reading your stories!

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Mar 30 2015, 14:37


hier der Link zu meinem Youtube-Video:

Alles Liebe,

Rainer Amler